These flowers were inspired by a wall of flowers I did for St. Joe Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. 

After installing them I began to get inquiries from people who wanted an individual flower for their home.
I decided to create and sell these lightweight, individual cut out flowers for homes & businesses.

Each flower is made using a special mesh that is covered in different luminous fabrics. I then begin to layer
beads, glass, handmade papers, metal, crystals, vintage gems and GlamGrout™ creating intricate, jewel-like flowers,
approximately 12" in size. I apply a glaze over the top to protect all of the tiny jewels.
No Nails Needed! These flowers are secured on the wall with a special double sided tape that will not harm the wall.
Please contact me to place an order for one Wallflower or more to create a bouquet of flowers on your wall.
Cost is $350.00 each. Price includes shipping. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
I will be happy to create whatever color combination you desire.

Click on image to view larger.


Peacock Flower 180x180

Peacock Flower
$350.00 - includes shipping
Shades of Pink 180x180

Shades of Pink
$350.00 - includes shipping
Shades of Purple 180x180

Shades of Purple
$350.00 - includes shipping

Shades of Reds Golds 180x180

Shades of Reds & Golds
$350.00 - includes shipping
Shades of Reds Gold Bronze 180x180

Shades of Reds, Gold & Bronze
$350.00 - includes shipping
Shades of Teal 180x180

Shades of Teals & Blues
$350.00 - includes shipping