Intrigued by the versatility of air dry clay, I embarked on a journey of sculpting where creative freedom knows no bounds. With a pencil in hand, I sketch my desired design and carve it out from the clay. These clay creations, once taking form, become a canvas for my artistic ingenuity. Adorned with an array of fabrics, they are transformed into works of art. Glass, colored wire, beads, chain, paper, precious stones, tile, rhinestones and the touch of GlamGrout™ lending depth and allure to each piece. Through this craftsmanship I can create 2D and 3D that encapsulate my imagination.
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Elephant 3D 6" x 5"

Elephant 9" x 7"
Jewels in the Sky 150x200

Quail with baby 3D 12" x 7"


Quail 8" x 9"

Green Blue Purple Flower

Royal Blue Flower


Green Pink Flower


Red Gold Flower

Orange Flower with Bird


Kitty1 8x12 135x180
Kitty 1 -  8" x 12"
Kitty2 8x12 125x180
Kitty 2 -  8" x 12"

Cactus 8" x 10"

Kitty1 8x12 135x180
Javalina Family 36" x 15"