These tapestries are truly one-of-a-kind creations that I’ve poured my heart and soul into for months. I’ve developed a unique process to bring them to life, using a lightweight and flexible base. Each tapestry is covered with beautiful fabric which I then enhance with various materials like glass, wire, beads, rhinestones, handmade paper, colored chain, precious stones and GlamGrout™. Once finished, I secure them with a rod and add a delicate fringe that adorns the tapestry’s lowermost edge. These can be created in any custom size.
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20" x 12"
All That Jazz 180x125

26" x 16"

20" x 28"


12" x 17"

12" x 18"

46" x 10"
Tree Tapestry 8x8 180x183

8" x 18"
Heart tapestry 100x180

24" x 36"
Teal and Bronze tapestry 100x180

12" x 28"